Welcome to the UA Local 392 Fringe Benefit Funds Office

We are pleased to present you with this website which has been prepared to briefly explain the principal provisions and benefits of the Health and Welfare, Pension and Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans.

All monies that have been contributed to the different Plans have been deposited in banks and other financial institutions for investment. The funds which are invested in stocks and bonds are done so with the approval of the Board of Trustees by professional investment managers.

Each fund is administered by three Board of Trustees elected by the Union and three Management Trustees appointed by the Mechanical Contractors Association and is served through the office of the Administrative Manager.

An effort has been made to explain the various plans. It is impossible to cover each and every question that might be asked. Therefore, if you desire additional information or clarification of some of the materials presented, all eligible employees and other persons who may be interested are referred to copies of the complete plans which are on file in the office of the Administrative Manager.

Your benefits are a privilege and have been negotiated through collective bargaining. They are however, subject to obligations on your part and failure to carry them out may subject you to loss of benefits. Some of these obligations are as follows:

  1. Participants must inform the Benefit Office of any divorce or other act or event that changes dependent coverage or they shall be liable for the consequences thereof.
  2. Any participant that knowingly obtains benefits for themselves or any third party by fraud or misleading information shall be liable for the consequences thereof.
  3. Participants must enroll their spouse and dependents for them to be eligible for benefits.