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Applications for Plumber, Pipefitter and HVAC/R (Mechanical Equipment Service) five-year apprenticeship program will be available Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The only documents required when picking up an application are a valid driver’s license or photo ID and proof of social security.

Application Requirements

  1. Must be 18 years of age or older.
  2. Possess a valid driver’s license. (HVAC/R applicants may not have more than 4 points on driving record within the last 3 years).
  3. Must be a high school graduate and have a 2.0 cumulative grade point average on official grade transcripts, which you must provide in a sealed, unopened envelope from your school.   
  4. Must have completed and successfully passed 2 full years of math.
  5. Also, completed and successfully passed 1 full year of science.


Applicants may apply with a GED with a total score of 450 or higher.
Including a score of 475 or higher on the math portion of the test and a score of 475 or higher on the science portion of the test.

Exception I:  If you do not have the grade requirements, but you do have a high school diploma or GED you must have additional adult or college training in math, science, or trade related classes and present proof of a grade of “C” or better.

Exception II:  The JATC also would consider proof of on the job training of one year or longer, in a construction or service related field.

Required Documents

The following documents must be included when the completed application is returned. (copies only!!!)
The JATC Office does not make copies for you.

  1. High school diploma or GED certificate including test scores.
  2. Original official high school grade transcripts in a sealed, unopened envelope from your school.
  3. Birth certificate.
  4. A $30.00 money order application fee is required. (non-refundable).
  5. A copy of valid driver's license
  6. The HVAC-R applicants ONLY must have 3 years of a driving record.

When applications are returned and meet the above requirements, the individual will then be scheduled for an aptitude test.  After successfully passing the test, the applicant will be scheduled to interview with the JATC committee.  Selected apprentices are required to take a drug and substance screening test.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Aptitude Test Dates for 2018

The following are the aptitude test dates for the remainder of 2018.  Be sure to follow the instructions above to be registered for the test date.

  • June 6
  • August 1
  • October 3
  • December 5

Applications are available to be picked up Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Applications and all required documents must be returned to the JATC no later than one week prior to the test date.